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Remove Your Pool and Reclaim Your Yard

Dustin’s Mechanical offers professional full service excavating and demolition in Jackson, New Egypt, Plumsted, and throughout Central NJ. We specialize in pool demolition and removal. Our goal for each pool removal project, which we envision as a “backyard transformation,” is to convert something unsightly and unusable into a beautiful and appealing space for your family to enjoy again. Give us a call for a free consultation!

What can you expect when you choose Dustin’s Mechanical for your pool removal?

While each project is unique, here are the general procedures we follow:

  • Our professionals conduct an on-site consultation and provide a free estimate.
  • We apply for all excavation permits with your local township.
  • After permits are approved by your township, we collaborate with you to decide upon on a suitable start date.
  • All utilities are disconnected including gas, electricity, and water. We drain your existing pool, remove fences if necessary, and put protective mats in place throughout the access path to minimize damage to your property.
  • Demolition begins with removal of all patio and pool structures, and all materials are hauled away to recycling facilities.
  • Inspections by your township must be conducted.
  • Clean backfill material is compacted into the hole of the pool. We compact material in 12″ increments to minimize any settling issues in the future.
  • We lay topsoil, grass seed, and any landscaping features you select.
  • We re-install your fences and clean the yard, driveway and road entrance.
  • Final inspections by your township are conducted, and your new space is free to enjoy!

Call Dustin’s Mechanical for Your Pool Removal Consultation and Free Quote

When you choose Dustin’s, you get a combination of friendly, personal service that you find with a locally owned company and expertise that you get from highly trained professionals. Give us a call at 609-488-6353 to discuss your pool demolition and removal project, or schedule your free consultation.

Why Choose Dustin’s Mechanical for your Pool Removal?

  • Transparency - We work closely with each client and keep lines of communication open throughout the pool demolition and removal project.
  • Affordability - Our reasonable rates never include travel time.
  • Reliability - We keep pace with the predetermined timeline so that you can enjoy your reclaimed space as soon as possible!
  • Equipment - When appropriate we work with smaller, more agile equipment to lessen the damage to the surrounding areas.