Breathe Healthier Air With A Whole House Humidifier

When you run your furnace all winter long, the air in your home can become uncomfortable to breathe. Do you feel your skin getting drier and your throat getting scratchy when your furnace runs? If so, then you will benefit from a whole house humidifier. Dustin’s Mechanical installs humidifiers for our residential and commercial customers in Jackson, New Egypt, Plumsted, and throughout the surrounding Central NJ areas.

What are the benefits of adding a whole home humidifier?

  • Health – There are many airborne viruses that thrive in low humidity. Adding a humidifier can help avoid colds, flu and other respiratory problems caused by these viruses.
  • Comfort – Overly dry air can be uncomfortable to breathe and lead to dry, scratchy throats and itchy skin.
  • Energy Efficiency – With healthy humidity levels you can actually feel warmer at a lower temperature. Adding a humidifier will allow you to set your thermostat lower and save money on fuel bills.
  • Preservation – Over time low humidity levels can damage parts of your home including wood floors, furniture, artwork, plaster and paint. A humidifier will help preserve and protect these parts of your home.

Call Dustin’s Mechanical to Add A Humidifier to Your Home

Call Dustin’s Mechanical at 609-488-6353 today to learn more about the benefits of adding a humidifier or to schedule an appointment with an indoor air quality expert. We look forward to installing your humidifier so that you can enjoy the benefits of healthy humidity levels.  

Why choose Dustin’s Mechanical for your whole house humidifier?

  • Locally Owned - We have maintained our small town values in order to provide the personal service you are looking from an air quality professional.
  • Honest Service - Our policy of transparency allows customers to learn about our humidifier products, the installation process and the pricing. We are happy to keep you informed and look forward to earning your trust.
  • Smart Solutions - No matter your indoor air quality problem, we provide a solution with your specific needs in mind.