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Through our years of experience in the industry, Dustin’s Mechanical has been trusted as the top HVAC contractor in Jackson, New Jersey. We are committed to quality repairs and replacements that will keep your systems running reliably and keep you comfortable all year round. A comfortable residence or commercial building is not simply a luxury, it is an important step in keeping you, your employees, and your family safe and healthy. To rely on your heating and cooling system for years to come, call our professional HVAC contractor in Jackson, New Jersey for a free consultation and estimate – we proudly service all of Central New Jersey and parts of South Jersey!

We specialize in residential and commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions. From repairs to replacement to regular maintenance programs, our technicians are certified in industry leading training to professionally service your HVAC systems. Every repair or installation is completed in a cost effective and efficient manner. While our team is able to guide you on the most practical solutions to your HVAC issues, we respect your budget and your desired quality standards for your systems and we can solve any problem on any budget. To protect your systems from further damage, don’t put off repairs any longer than necessary – call our team today for your no obligation free estimate and consultation of repairs.

Our expertise extends beyond HVAC – when builders, landscapers, property managers, and home owners need professional excavation and pool removal, Dustin’s Mechanical is their one call contractor. For total property restoration, we are your go to team.

Clean air, easy breathing, and total satisfaction starts with Dustin’s Mechanical! Excavation, swimming pool removal, and an HVAC contractor in Jackson, New Jersey has never been better. 

Quality HVAC

Superior HVAC Service

Dustin’s Mechanical services all residential and commercial HVAC applications and systems. We value our relationships with our customers and maintain open, transparent lines of communication. Professional HVAC upkeep can make all the difference in helping you maintain a comfortable, healthy indoor environment. As the top HVAC contractor in Jackson, New Jersey, we commonly service these heating applications and more:

Our common cooling system repairs include:

We can maintain all makes and models of boilers, furnaces, heaters, heat pumps and air conditioners. Our technicians are trained in expertly diagnosing your system’s issues to arrive at a solution and quickly restore comfort to your home or building once again. If your system is past repair, we can assist you in quickly locating an affordable replacement system! We are also well versed in helping our customers save thousands on utility bills – if you are ready to transition to a more energy efficient HVAC system, Dustin’s Mechanical is here to make your transition a reality! HVAC in Jackson, New Jersey is a breeze with our professional team.


Safe, Timely Excavation

Dustin’s Mechanical is the top excavator in Jackson, New Jersey. We excavate for any project, whether its residential, commercial or industrial. Ready to reclaim your property and remodel it to what you have always envisioned? Our team is standing by for excavation done right the first time. While we excavate for any project, our common excavation applications include:

  • Land Clearing
  • Backhoeexcavation
  • Trench Work
  • Tank Removal 
  • Grading
  • Concrete Removal 
  • Demolition
  • Gas Line Installation
  • and more!

We go the extra mile to ensure our quality standard of excavation done right the first time. We use our own equipment to efficiently clear your land. Through our years of experience, we have learned to implement several safeguards for every project to protect the area around the excavation site and prevent damage. We lay protective mats before our equipment is brought in to excavate. We also utilize smaller equipment for increased access to tight spots and to minimize damage to your land.

Safety is a top priority in our excavation services. With over 50 years of combined experience in Jackson, New Jersey, our team understands the challenges that are unique to excavation in our area, allowing us to anticipate and prevent problems that affect excavation in New Jersey. While our home base for our quality excavation, swimming pool removal, and HVAC is in Jackson, New Jersey, we proudly service all of Central New Jersey and parts of South Jersey.

Call Dustin’s Mechanical today for your free consultation and estimate! Excavation, swimming pool removal, and the top HVAC contractor in Jackson, New Jersey is one call away. 

Pool Removal

Professional Pool Removal

swimming pool removal

Dustin’s Mechanical offers full service swimming pool removal and excavation. We specialize in removing in-ground swimming pools and allowing you to reclaim your unused space. We envision each pool removal as a “backyard transformation” that makes your dreams for your yard become a reality. Our goal with each backyard transformation is to remodel something unsightly and unattractive into a fully functional, appealing space for you and your family to enjoy again. If you are ready to reclaim your space and convert your yard to practical and beautiful, the team at Dustin’s Mechanical is prepared to help actualize your dreams.

While every swimming pool removal is a unique case, below is a typical outline of the process:

  1. We perform a free on-site consultation and provide a free estimate.
  2. Dustin’s Mechanical applies for all excavation permits with your local city or township.
  3. After permits are approved, we work with your schedule to decide on a suitable start date.
  4. All utilities are disconnected such as gas, electric, and water. Pool water is completely pumped out, necessary fences are removed, and protective mats are laid throughout the access path to minimize damage to the surrounding property.
  5. Demolition begins by removing all pool structures, and all materials are hauled away to recycling facilities.
  6. Inspections are conducted by your township.
  7. Clean backfill material is compacted into the hole left by the pool. We compact material in 12″ increments to minimize any settling issues in the future.
  8. We lay grass seed, top soil, or any landscaping features you select to beautify your new space. Additionally, Dustin’s Mechanical can construct patios, water features, or fire pits to customize your space!
  9. Fences are re-installed. The yard, driveway, and road entrance are cleaned.
  10. Final inspections by your township are completed, and your new space is free to enjoy!

Call our professionals today for the best excavation, pool removal, or HVAC contractor in Jackson, New Jersey today!